Silver 18 Key Charm
Small Simple Silver Number 18 Key Charm Product Code: CE-2643..
Silver 18 Pendant
Silver 18 Pendant With Clip On Clasp, Set with Cubic Zirconias  Product Code:..
Silver 21 Key Charm
Simple Small Silver 21 Key Charm Product Code CE-2643..
Silver 21 Pendant
Silver 21 Pendant With Clip On Clasp, Set With Cubic Zirconias Product Code: TL-G6328..
Silver Aeroplane Charm
Small Silver Old Fashioned Aeroplane Charm  Product Code: CE-R4039..
SIlver Angel Charm
Large Silver Angel Charm With Arms Outstretched and Wings Held High  Product Code: CE-R40..
Silver Baby Boots Charm
Small Silver Pair of Baby Shoes Charm Product Code: CE-2586..
Silver Baby's Dummy Charm
Small Silver Baby's Dummy/Pacifier Charm Product Code: CE-R2826..
Silver Ballerina Charm
Small Silver Ballerina Charm  Product Code: CE-R1112..
Silver Ballerina Charm
Small Silver Ballerina in Arabesque-like Pose Charm Product Code: CE-2562..
Silver Bear Charm
Small Silver Cartoon Bear With Suitcase Charm Product Code: CE-2630..
Silver Bible Charm
Small Silver Holy Bible Charm Product Code: CE-2571..
Silver Bride and Groom Charm
Silver Bride and Groom Charm  Product Code: CE-R2173..
Silver Cat and Ball Charm
Small Silver Cat Playing With A Ball Charm Product Code: CE-2472..
Silver Crystal Globe Charm
Silver Crystal Globe Of The World Charm Product Code: CE-2603..
Silver Dolphin Charm
Small Silver Dolphin Charm Product Code: CE-R2183..
Silver Fancy 18 Key Charm
Silver Fancy Design Number 18 Key Charm  Product Code: CE-R4026..
Silver Fancy 21 Charm
Silver Fancy Design Number 21 Charm Product Code: CE-R4027..
Silver Four Leaf Clover Charm
Silver Lucky Four Leaf Clover Charm Product Code: CE-R3309..
Silver Hedgehog Charm
Small Silver Hedgehog Charm CE-2613..
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