Adelphi Grandfather Clock
This unique Long Case clock in walnut finish features a white, enamel style dial, framed by a hinged..
Cavendish Grandfather Clock
Available in Oak or Walnut finish. The Cavendish Long Case Clock has colonial columns, framing the ..
Cosmopolitan Grandfather  Long Case Clock
Limited Edition Clock The hallmark of clock making tradition finds a fitting showcase in this disti..
Henderson Grandfather Clock In Mahogany Finish
Our Heirloom quality floor clocks are hand crafted in select hardwoods and expertly hand finished in..
Remington Grandfather Clock
This Long Case Clock has colonial columns with brass capitals, framing the broad expanse of glass in..
Windsor Grandfather Clock In Mahogany
Available in Mahogany as Shown or Mid Oak finish. A classic pinch waisted Long Case clock with brass..
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